I N D I A   P R I V A T E   L I M I T E D


>        3G and RRH Site Upgrades
​          -        Installation of RRU and Battery units
          -        ​Installation of new RRU and Battery Brackets
          -        ​Replacement of all 2G antenna and installation of 3G antenna
          -        ​Fixing of new feeder entry glands and their associated Brackets
          -        ​Supply and Installation of fiber Cables with their PVC conduits
          -        ​Supply and Installation of upgraded earthing system

>        ​Upgradation of site equipments
​          -        Air conditioning system
          -        ​Power cables
          -        ​Electric Distribution Panel

>        ​Radio Enhancement

>        ​Transmission Enhancement

>        ​​BTS Site Survey


Our scope of work in the Special Projects area includes the necessary design for individual site, and the supply and installation of upgrading material in accordance with our customers' specifications. The Services include :