I N D I A   P R I V A T E   L I M I T E D


The lack of qualified personnel to support a congested project pipeline is an ongoing concern to many organizations. Hiring and training full-time resources and mentoring them in the intricacies of an advanced project management approach can require more time than factually available. Our consultants can fill the gap between the immediate need for project management support and the organization’s current capabilities.

>   Filling an Expertise Gap

Projects are sometimes launched without regard for the expertise and experience of the project teams working on them. Also, a project’s complexity, magnitude, and uniqueness may be a significant concern even for the most experienced teams. Finally, the project management proficiency required to lead a major project initiative may be unavailable or in short supply. In these instances, our consultants can provide the required expertise necessary to drive the project to a successful outcome.

>   Providing Advanced Analysis to Management

In many cases, upper management has difficulty evaluating project performance and making the best decisions because they lack visibility to key project information. Our consultants can provide the necessary analysis and reports to equip senior managers with key information on prelavant obstacles, possible project pitfalls, and potential resource constraints.

>   Establishing a Proactive Approach

Many projects, by default are managed using a reactive approach to problem solving. This style of project management creates an environment where “fire fighting” is the norm and the latest project emergency demands the attention. A proactive project management approach enables project teams to identify obstacles earlier in the project, which allows them to make better decisions and provide more cost effective solutions. Our consultants can help establish an early warning system that provides management a forward-looking tool to ensure their project will be executed as-agreed.

>   Project Assurance

Some projects are so critically important to the success of an organization that failure is simply not an option. In some cases, a past project may have been so poorly executed that management wants assurance that future projects will be more successful. Our consultants can assist in this scenario by helping to deploy advanced risk mitigation tools and providing expert scrutiny of existing project schedules.

>   Offering Short-term Support Solutions

We can address various project-related issues including: poor on-time performance, unsatisfactory financial performance, unsatisfied stakeholders, lack of monitoring & control, dysfunctional team dynamics etc. By providing the right combination of methodology, software tools, project management training and change management activities, our consultants can resolve all issues in a definite time period. Our customized tools and support solutions will help improve the overall project metrics, while enabling project teams to work more effectively and efficiently in high-stress environments.

>   Addressing Project-Related Issues

  Miscellaneous Services

>    Utilization of PMI’s OPM3®, the Project Management Maturity Model which may be customized to address maturity from a practical perspective, cover organizational support and behavioral factors, and provides an indicative benefit of increasing the organizations’ maturity.

>    Using straightforward questionnaire or on-site consultant moderated interviews. Our consultants are trained to add value to the process. Customer representatives typically are more open to a third party. The interviews are conducted confidentially using a set of questions that can be agreed in advance to determine true ‘pain points’ and issues.

>   ​Using a short duration, high impact workshop with a specialized assessment tool that diagnoses an organizations ability to support project management. It is aimed at small, executive level groups. Our consultants facilitates the workshop using the assessment inventory for PM organization support that defines ten critical elements of a project management system. The workshop results in an agreed level of maturity and high level baseline, identifies next steps and defines overall road map for improvement.

Example of a typical audit Assignment

​​A typical audit statement of work could be as follows:

Step 1: Collection of Organizational Project Management Data

Consultants meet relevant customer personnel; discuss, gather, and identify successes, issues, and challenges experienced; review processes and procedures; formulate questions; clarification of questions; preliminary benchmark against PMI’s OPM3.

Step 2: Interviews

Plan and conduct interviews; document a summarized form of interview discussions; update preliminary benchmark; brief relevant personnel on preliminary conclusions.

Step 3: Diagnosis and Assessment

​​Assess the results obtained from benchmarking, interviews, perform gap analysis, establish roadmap for improvement; prioritize the roadmap goals and propose timelines for implementation; establish the implementation business case; prepare written report of findings.

Step 4: Road Map and Findings

Roadmap for success is formulated based on collected data which is shared in an executive workshop with important stakeholders. Objective is to review findings, select and prioritize actions; document outcomes; create implementation, transition and migration plans; and validate final action plan.

  Diagnosis, Maturity Assessment and Audit

Customers use our diagnostic services to define their organizations ‘as-is’ situation,  from which issues and improvements can be identified into an overall blueprint that provides direction. We use number of tools and approaches, such as Project Management Assessment Inventory; Assessment of Organizational support; Project Management Maturity Model; Gap Analysis; and Project Audits / Health checks. These can be applied in ways depending on the customers  requirement, from a straightforward questionnaire to on-site consultant moderated interviews and workshops. The approach chosen is based on the  triple constraints of time, cost, and depth of the deliverables required. Some of the key ways in which we diagnose the current organizational situation, assess maturity, and/or audit performance are :

>   Technology and Automation

We start with diagnosis and assessment which helps us select the appropriate technology and provide customized automation of specific customer needs. We adapt our approach to the current project management maturity and methodology. This allows careful selection of an automating technology that meets actual need, rather than speculation, resulting in increased business performance.

>   Project Office Development and Consultancy

We offer a variety of  interventions in developing project offices, at an enterprise (portfolio), program, and/or project level. Our services include :

-    developing standard set of criteria for identifying, filtering, selecting, and prioritizing projects in a consistent way.

-    developing processes, procedures, templates and customized tools for managing projects / programs.

-    ​developing a standardized approach for efficient resource planning and capacity management.

-    ​transition, migration and sustainment of project management practice.

-    ​Assistance for troubled projects ranging from recovery to enforced project closure

>   Methodology and Tools

We design, develop and implement project management governance, process, procedures, templates and tools. Customer selects the level of intervention required. Design typically involves consultation and definition based on which we develop a customised methodology with supporting software tools. Development also involves co-ordination, validation and verification of content by the customer. Our structured implementation process ensures that new methods and tools are effectively communicated and used. Our methodology & tools are based on globally accepted standards, practices and references as a starting point that helps expedite the process.

>   Competency Mapping & Professional Development

We design, develop and implement competency models that include elements such as :

-    Roles and competency requirements for project personnel

-    ​Define ‘bench mark’ of competence for different roles

-    ​Mapping of training and development to competency profiles

-    ​Tools that assess performance and ability against the  ‘benchmark’

We also have a full range of professional development programs based on PMI® framework. We have realized that our clients frequently require follow-up support, neutral co-ordination, external knowledge, and sometimes just an ‘extra resource’ to do the job. These service are provided in a number of different ways to meet specific requirement. We extensively use ‘real-life’ project settings to transfer knowledge, enabling maximum benefits of our coaching.

We provide a number of diagnostic services to define an organizations ‘as-is’ situation, from which issues and improvements can be defined into an overall blueprint that provides direction. We use standardised tools and approaches such as Project Management Assessment Inventory; Assessment of Organizational support; Project Management Maturity Model; Gap Analysis; and Project Audits / Health checks to deal with critical aspects of competency assessment & change. The approach chosen is based on the  triple constraints of time, cost, and depth of the deliverable required.

Project Management Consulting

We have the experience & expertise to provide our customers with proven solutions that are both effective and cost-efficient. Our consultants are adept at analyzing the customer needs, developing targeted, high impact organizational interventions and deploying solutions to close the strategy execution gap, producing measurable bottom line results. Not only can we help  in managing your high-priority project, we can help you develop the entire project management framework, standardised by PMI, USA. All our consultants shall be PMP certified.


We work closely with our customers to deploy enhanced project management solutions and organizational interventions to achieve the desired goals and maximize the return on investment. Each client challenge is unique in its scope and objectives. We develop custom solutions drawing from our range of services listed below :

>   Diagnosis/Assessment