I N D I A   P R I V A T E   L I M I T E D


Patrolling of the optical fiber cable routes on daily basis and keeping close watch on new developments and co-ordinate with concerned authorities to prevent optical fiber cable damage.

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
Testing for preventive maintenance is carried out as per prior agreed time schedule and any defects observed in the optical fiber cable and transmission equipment shall be notified and attended to.

Breakdown OFC Maintenance​
Mobilization of well equipped teams with all required equipment and skilled manpower on 24x7 basis for fault identification, rectification and testing of fiber link attributes after rectification of fault. It also includes generating proper documentation as per specified formats which shall include :
>    Call registration
​>    Break down maintenance record
>    ​Fault rectification record
>    ​Call closure record
>    ​Down time and uptime analysis


>   Physical Activities
​      -    Ensure good housekeeping of premises, equipment in premises and tower top
      -    ​Ensuring security and safety of BTS and all other associated equipment
      -    ​Maintaining specified level of fuel in DG tank
      -    ​Cleaning of air / fuel filters & fuel pipe of DG
      -    ​Replacement of lubricating oil of DG as per requirement
      -    ​Reporting to and coordinating with the fault management center about alarms
      -    ​Undertake overall responsibility for timely collection & payment of electricity bills / rent
      -    Restoration of electricity in cases of break down of power supply
      -    ​Maintain documentation for tracking men and material movement at cell sites
      -    ​Updating of preventive maintenance checklists
      -    ​Preparation of MIS statements like weekly & breakdown / shut down reports

>   Structural Maintenance of Tower​
      -    ​Inspection to identify variations in tower & accessories
      -    ​Communicating list of damaged / missing / heavily rusted components to customer
      -    ​Checking of torque of all nuts & bolts and take corrective measures, if required
      -    ​Removal of rust with hard iron brush, cleaning the surface and applying zinc spray
      -    ​Replacement of missing / fully rusted nuts / bolts / washers & antenna stud bolts

>   Electrical & Connections
      -    ​Routine inspection of incoming SEB load, distribution, meter, power back-up & change over switch
      -    ​Inspection of electrical cabling, earthling connections & aviation lamps
      -    ​Inspection of air conditioners, controllers, generator, fire alarm system & tower lights
      -    ​Conducting lead continuity & insulation resistance / earthling measurements
      -    ​Carrying out regular health check of VRLA battery bank
      -    ​Topping up of batteries and applying petroleum jelly on terminals
      -    ​Attending to breakdowns / faults as and when required

​>   Links & Active Equipment
      -    ​Orientation, skewing and tilting of GSM antennas
      -    ​Checking LOS clearance for all microwave hops on the tower
      -    ​Checking for antenna misalignment and realignment of the same
      -    ​Checking of microwave links so as to maintain the RSL level within desired limits
      -    ​Checking for any possible antenna faults and their rectification / replacement
      -    ​Coordination with OEM’s for spares / replacement of equipment installed
      -    ​Checking the complete power supply system to all active equipment's
      -    ​Checking of alarms & earthling for all the cards and microwave rack
      -    ​Checking weatherproofing and earthlings of ODU unit
      -    ​Checking of feeder cables and waterproofing of feeder cable connectors

Maintenance Solutions

We at Integrated Infosolutions endeavor to provide qualitative, dependable and responsive solutions for the maintenance requirements in the telecom industry. The networks administered and maintained by us are kept in excellent conditions via the use of regular preventative and corrective maintenance carried out on-site by our technically qualified, skilled & experienced service engineers and technicians. Our preventative maintenance includes planning and proactive maintenance, which allows us to guarantee a network quality second to none. Our corrective maintenance in turn includes field adjustments to restore functionality to the network components and connections, with troubleshooting appointments in line with the customer’s service level requirements. The teams provided by us are project specific and are well trained with the specific skills required for maintenance in the communications industry.