I N D I A   P R I V A T E   L I M I T E D



We construct monopoles of all shapes and sizes. Our tower engineering team has installed Monopoles types ranging in size from small single operator monopoles to large high capacity monopoles carrying up to 50Sqm of equipment. If you have a monopole requirement, we have a monopole solution in our portfolio that would suit customer application.

Our scope of work in the construction area includes necessary design for individual site, supply and installation of all civil works material in accordance with our customers' specifications. The construction works service consists of :-


          -        ​Site Leveling and Clearance

          -        ​Excavation and Concrete Works

          -        ​Soil Replacement and Backfilling



          -        ​Installation & Commissioning of Diesel Generators

          -        ​Installation & Commissioning of Power Plant

          -        ​Support Structures like cable trays

          -        ​Navigational Lights

          -        ​Earth System

          -        ​Alarms and IDF

          -        ​AC Distribution Board and Circuits

          -        ​​Fire Protection System and Handheld Extinguisher

  Foundation Design & Construction

Our  Team designs and recommends a more economical and efficient foundation system that will suit your site’s ground conditions, area limitations and requirements for stability and expediency.  Ground bearing capacity of soil is a prerequisite to any foundation design and this information can be supplied by client or provided by us in conjunction with our ground probe testing services.


We construct towers of all shapes and sizes. Our tower engineering team has installed towers varying from large high capacity structures carrying in excess of 100Sqm of equipment to small stub towers, some times smaller than 3m carrying a single operator or repeater. If you have a tower requirement, we have a tower solution in our portfolio that would suit customer  application.

Define what kind of structure is suited for the client’s site on the basis of strength, total cost, availability of material, and requirements set out in the national code.

​Provide different schemes on how the client-specific equipment can be supported and what additional safety measures can be applied, such as strengthening of members and recommendations on using different types of section.

​Recommend what type of foundation will suit the structure and the ground conditions that will prove most economical for the client in terms of availability of materials, time constraints of the project, or problems in construction due to limited site access or planning requirements.

Cell site construction

  Feasibility Study